Wednesday, 15 June 2011

20 Days of Music

Since the 30 Days of Movies challenge was quite fun to do, I’ve decided to do the same with music. I’ve made some changes to some of the questions (and deleted some others) in order to reflect the medium better. I’m not sure if there’s an official list of music questions, and I’m too lazy to find out. No cutting it up this time either, all twenty items are right here in this update! Enjoy.

1. favourite song

It changes all the time, but I think it’s fair to say Anything Goes (from the same-named musical) is a good contender. I especially like the interpretation by John Barrowman.
Chances are I’d have picked a different song if I’d filled this in five minutes earlier or later, but right now, this feels like the proper choice. After all, in life, Anything Goes.

2. worst song

Friday by Rebecca Black would be such a conformist no-brainer answer… Besides, I don’t actually think it’s that bad.
My pick would be A Guy Like You from Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Not that the song in itself is particularly bad, but it doesn’t fit with the rest of the film (album) at all. I always end up skipping this song.
Runner up: My Baby by Britney Spears. It has no place on Circus.

3. cheesiest song

Je Hebt Een Vriend by K3. Horribly sappy, yet somehow still fun.

4. album you can’t wait to hear

A couple of weeks ago, I’d have said the new album by Britney Spears, Lady Gaga or Flogging Molly. All three have been released, so I suppose I’ll now be waiting for the new Will Young, John Barrowman or Michael Bublé.

5. song you can listen to over again

The Song That Never Ends, mostly because it never ends.

6. your oldest album (not the one you had the longest, but the one that came out first)

I think I’ll have to say my Frank Sinatra boxed set. I don’t actually own many CD’s, and most I do own are recent releases (sort of).

7. your newest album

Speed of Darkness by Flogging Molly. Not bad, but their first free albums remain their best.

8. your most childish album

The first albums by K3. I’m not ashamed, they’re just uncomplicated fun.

9. album that failed to be as good as the first

The Angry Mob by the Kaiser Chiefs. I loved Employment and while TAM isn’t bad in any way, it failed to attract my interest in the same way.

10. favourite lyric

The rainbow still looks pretty when it bleeds’ from Almost Sorry by the Scissor Sisters. There’s an elegance and gloominess about this still positive sentence. I like how it works together.

11. song you like, but people you know hate

The Song That Never Ends again. I don’t know why, but people always end up asking me to stop singing it after about ten minutes…

12. album you thought you wouldn’t like, but then did

Friday’s Child by Will Young. I first listened to it years ago and didn’t like it. Then last year I gave it another go, convinced I’d still dislike it, but it was actually rather good. You never know when your opinion is going to change, it pays go give things/people another chance.

13. song you don’t want others knowing you like

Honestly? None. I checked my collection and there's not one song I'm ashamed of. Why would I? I like the song and that's what matters.

14. favourite singer

I think I’d have to go with Amy MacDonald. She’s simply brilliant.

15. singer that should get a different job

Gordon. So long as it’s a job outside of the spotlights, I’m sick of seeing him as well as hearing him.

16. favourite album title (not necessarily your fav album)

I’ve always liked how Aqua’s albums matched each other. Aquarium and Aquarius. I just hope their upcoming third album will continue this trend.

17. favourite genre

Musical isn't technically a genre, it's a medium. Thought I'd explain that before people started wondering why I hadn't picked that.
Easy-listening? Jaron and the Long Road to Love, Michael Bublé, Eliza Dolittle, Laura Janssen, Mark Salling, that kind of stuff.

18. hottest singer

Daniel Boys. Yes, I still have my crush. ADWD, baby! Make some noise for Daniel Boys!

19. most epic song

Oof, tough one. Right now, I think I’ll go with either I Know Him So Well (John Barrowman/Daniel Boys version) or Girls of the Night from the Jekyll & Hyde musical (demo version).

20. special mentions

Avenue Q – Original Broadway Cast Recording
Book of Mormon – Original Broadway Cast Recording
Legally Blonde – Original Broadway Cast Recording
Rent – Original Broadway Cast Recording

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