Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Books and covers

They say don’t judge a book by its cover. Logically, that means you should judge it on the content. This post is about reading.

When a book is hard to read, it’s difficult to keep reading. Even if the topic interests you or you really want to know what comes next, reading can be a struggle. There’s a fine line between a book still being enjoyable or agonising to continue.
When a text is hard to decipher, you don’t get the whole story. The excerpts you can make out may be enough to keep you interested for a while, but you won’t be able to understand the full meaning of what’s written.
The question is, when do you stop reading? We all have a boiling point, a time we just stop trying. Even if we try to ignore the problems and try to push on, if the situation doesn’t change, the boiling point is inevitable.
The situation can change in a wide variety of ways. The book can suddenly become more interesting or easier to read. Your reading skills may have improved. Other changes in your life may change the way you see the book.

Keeping the readers interested is extremely important. Therefore, it’s also important for the book to be easy to read. If people can’t understand what you want to say, they won’t stick it out till the end. Both the writer and the reader have to try and understand one another. The writer needs to make sure he writes in an understandable manner and doesn’t leave important details out; the reader should try to understand how challenging it can be to write a coherent story, and put in some effort to keep reading. The situation can always change, be careful not to give up too soon.

I never know whether my writings are interesting, fun, easy to read, or if it’s torture in a can. If you have any comments/tips, please let me know.

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