Saturday, 28 May 2011

30 days of film challenge - part five

21. favourite film title (not necessarily your fav film)

Lesbian Spank Inferno (2000).

Don't understand why? Watch Coupling.

22. favourite good guy

The Doctor (Doctor Who, 2005).

I'd say Rafiki again, but I want this list to be diverse. So I suppose I'll go with The Doctor. He's a Timelord, practically immortal, travels through space and time and is so lovable.

23. favourite villain

Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty, 1959).

Tough one, I do love me some villains. Scar, Mother Gothel, Saruman, Madame Tremain, Ursula, the list goes on. Only one can be the favourite though, and that lucky woman is Maleficent.
Everything about her fits perfectly. The animation is phenomenal, the voicework superb. I know I've complained about Dolores Umbridge for not having a motive before, but I'm not being hypocritical. No, Maleficent doesn't have a background story (as far as we know, anyway). However, a fairy tale is a different beast from a 'proper novel'. The latter requires motives, deeper layers and more details. Fairy tales are happy just being your basic good versus evil stories. For Maleficent, that works.

24. favourite genre


Animation isn't technically a genre, it's a medium. Same goes for musicals. Thought I'd explain that before people started wondering why I hadn't picked that.
When I find myself home alone at night, I often pop in a horror flick. It's nothing too high-profile, it's just brainless entertainment. In the end, that's all I'm after in a horror film.

25. favourite director

Vincenzo Natali (born 1969).

He directed Cube (1997), Cypher (2002) and Splice (2009); three films I absolutely love. Cube ranks as my third favourite movie. If you're looking for films that make you think, go for Natali.
That said, Richard Kelly deserves a mention too. I already named Donnie Darko, but The Box is definitely worth a watch too. Just so you know.

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