Wednesday, 25 May 2011

30 days of film challenge - part four

16. film you like, but people you know hate

Sex and the City - the Movie (2008).

The SatC-films are a bit of an oddity, in how people complained the first film didn't feel like the series (having an entire year in one movie), but then didn't like the second one because it didn't feel like a film (more of an extended episode of the TV-series). I happen to like both films, for different reasons. I still prefer the ending of the series though.

17. film you thought you wouldn’t like, but then did

The Forbidden Kingdom (2008).

Watched this with my boyfriend the other day. I'd never seen a kung-fu film before and even though this was an Americanised film, knowing how much I enjoyed this one has made me think about watching more of this genre.

18. film you don’t want others knowing you like

Honestly? None. I checked my collection and there's not one film I'm ashamed of. Why would I? I like the film and that's what matters.
That said, I really wish I could put Twilight here... Problem is I really do hate that franchise.

19. favourite actor/tress

Ruth Jones, known for Gavin and Stacey (co-writer, Vanessa Jenkins), Fat Friends (Kelly) and Nighty Night (Linda).

Ruth is just amazing at everything she does. She's a fantastic actress, who can deliver both a hilarious and a heartbreaking performance. She's co-written the BBC-series Gavin and Stacey (with James Corden, who also plays Smithy) and that's one of the best shows I know. Plus she's Welsh.

20. actor/tress that should get a different job

Kristen Stewart, known for Twilight (Bella Swan).

Too many to count really, but since I mentioned Twilight earlier, I'll go with Kirsten. The girl just can't act, and that's counting non-Twilight films. She just puts on her 'character-face' and freezes for the rest of the story. No genuine emotion whatsoever.

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