Sunday, 15 May 2011

30 days of film challenge - part one

Hey everyone,

So I've decided to join the 30 days of film challenge. Thing is, I'm not online every day. Also, I'm far too impatient for these things. So I'll do it in six parts, to be updated whenever the hell I feel like it. Enjoy.

1. favourite film

The Lion King (1994).

Has been since the day I first saw it, will probably be until the day I die. I can watch this film every single day and still enjoy it. Animation has never been this powerful.

2. worst film

Garfield (2004).

I couldn't even finish watching this. Firstly, Garfield is a character that works fot three-panel comic strips; not a ninety-minute movie. Second, every single character is miscast/butchered. Thirdly, Bill Murray? No.

3. cheesiest film

Filmpje! (1995).

Paul de Leeuw. Crossdressing. Sarcasm. Superfluous violence/sex. 'Hoe kan het nou sneeuwen in de cafetaria?' Songs. Murder.
What's not to like?

4. film you cant wait to see

The Hobbit - Part One (2012).

I really, really hope they don't fuck this one up. They especially have to be careful with the Trolls, I wíll be checking whether they freeze in the same positions they had in the Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring.
Still, more Gollum, Sir Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, Lee Pace... I'm in.

5. film you can watch over again

Donnie Darko (2001).

Seriously, put this on repeat and force me to watch until I die, and I'll happily live for another week or so. Think about it, that's a long time to spend watching one movie over and over again. Donnie Darko is absolutely brilliant.

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